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Choose and use safer, free of over 1,500 chemicals, “great for the body” products...starting with the ones that touch the largest organ in your body—YOUR SKIN.


On that front I choose Beautycounter™, a skincare and cosmetics company dedicated to putting safer products into the hands of everyone.

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Why Beautycounter™?

Because Beautycounter™ offers us all an amazing opportunity to make a social impact and help more people.

Because at age 27 I was diagnosed with mercury and heavy metal poisoning. I’ll never know for sure, but this is likely what triggered the autoimmune disease that left me sick, tired and frustrated.

Because for me, it’s personal.

Because sharing my story means you can learn from my experience.

Because there’s scientific proof that heavy metals and toxins can accumulate in the body.

Because once you learn something life-changing, it’s impossible to ignore it in any area. And It’s also pretty difficult to sit back and let others make the same mistakes.

Because the average woman puts 126 chemicals onto her skin from just a few products, EVERYDAY.

Because a well-known study conducted a few years ago showed that neonatal cord blood had over 200 chemicals and toxins.

Because as a woman, you detox 80% of your body burden into your first child, which means this isn’t just about you.

I haven’t had children, yet, but I do not want to pass on any toxic compounds, especially when it’s preventable.

Because I don’t like heavy metals in my dental materials, food, or personal care products.

Because there have been no new updates to the regulations on skincare and makeup since 1938.

Because Beautycounter advocates for more health-protective laws in the personal care industry

Because Beautycounter™ TESTS their products THREE times before releasing them, and every batch thereafter.

Because they have a “never list” of almost 1600 chemicals that they refuse to use.

The EU has banned 1400 of these. The US, only 30.

Because no amount of mercury is safe, in dental fillings, or on your skin.

Because a friend’s lead levels went from extremely elevated to below normal when she swapped her department store lipstick to Beautycounter™ lipstick.

Because another client’s sodium benzoate levels went from 60x normal (while using another organic line), to better than average by swapping her products to Beautycounter™ too.

Because Beautycounter™ means I’m a part of a movement that improves human health and impacts humanity.

Because I get to link arms with beautiful, incredible entrepreneurial women all across the country who have a shared vision of safer products for all.

Because I’ve always loved makeup and skincare and I know many women do too. AND now we don’t have to compromise performance for safety.

Because safer products isn’t just for us...it’s for our future generations.

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