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Here, Have Some Hope. 

If you and I were sitting together on the couch, enjoying some tea, I would lean over and tell you something—


I can relate to how frustrated and scared you’re feeling today.


The good news is, I didn’t stay there. And you don’t have to either.


Listen, I know that you have an incredible purpose with big, beautiful dreams to live out, and neither of us want your health to hold you back.

I would love to see you live fearlessly and find the peace and stillness in each moment…

...All while following your intuition and reaching every single one of your life goals.

The last four years have taught me:

  • That a health plan doesn’t have to involve lifelong prescriptions or the “wait and see” method.
  • That you can take control of your own health care (with confidence).
  • How to partner with clients to get to the root of their health problems, and how to develop a systematic, holistic approach to a happier, healthier life.
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Hi, I’m Dr. Kristen, and I’m here to help you regain control over your health journey.

I love helping my clients find the missing pieces and get their health, nutrition, and life back on a restorative path.

In sharing my journey, I hope to help you realize that you’re not alone.

The fact is, our health care system isn’t always focused on giving patients the education or information we really need. This leaves us in the dark when it comes to our treatment.

I learned this the hard way…

Four years ago I fell into a health crisis. I was chronically fatigued. I had brain fog, gastrointestinal (GI) distress, hormone imbalances and more...

After weeks of hoping it would go away and worsening GI symptoms, I made an appointment with a specialist. A few days later I was on a hospital bed getting a colonoscopy. Ultimately, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, ulcerative colitis (UC) in July of 2015.

The doctor wrote me six different prescriptions and told me that I would eventually need surgery because the disease “would just keep progressing.” I asked if changing my diet could do anything to help-—the answer was no.

That advice didn’t sit well with me, so I set out to find another way to heal.

Meanwhile, I was accepted as a patient at a well-respected government health clinic. After thousands of dollars in testing and blood work, one of the top published endocrinologists in the world said to me:

“You are the healthiest unhealthy person we’ve seen. Just keep doing what you’re doing and take this other prescription.”

My heart sank. I couldn’t stand the thought of just masking my symptoms and never getting to the root cause.

Deep down I knew this truth:

Our bodies have the ability to heal. We just have to give the body what it needs.
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So I refused to accept that this was my new normal. I refused to take prescriptions and  mask symptoms. I refused to listen to my specialist when he said, “Nope! Changing your diet won’t help a bit,” (spoiler alert, it did.)

I kept researching, because I knew there was more.

I finally found explanations through Biologic Dentistry, Functional Medicine and my amazing loving practitioner mentor, Jessica Flanigan. By addressing root causes (physical, mental, and emotional      ), I was able to feel improvement and turn my health around.

My journey from that lost and found place is why I do what I do today.

With me, you can explore this vulnerable place and proceed without fear of judgement, because I’ve been there. I want to use my experience to help you. I’ve come to realize that one of the greatest blessings in my life was getting sick. Because it was there, in a scared place, that I strengthened my relationship with God, found the loving inside, and began uncovering my purpose.

This journey led me to combine my entrepreneurial spirit, passion for health, love of dentistry, and personal experience to create Beyond Pearly Whites.

Through my coaching and consulting services at Beyond Pearly Whites, I tap into my personal experience and professional training to address my clients’ unique concerns.

I partner with my clients to create a loving space dedicated to the healing of their physical symptoms and growth of their souls.

I’ve learned that in order to be accepting of healing, we must become vulnerable.

I’ve learned that the walls we build block pain, but also block joy, fun, passion, and creativity.

I am committed to creating a safe space for you to share what’s coming up for your mind, body and soul.

I’ve found that in addition to the supplements, diets, and protocols you might be prescribed, your emotions and spiritual beliefs can be the heartbeat to your healing.

If you’re ready to walk that path, here’s how we can get started…

Let’s Take Charge and Transform Your Health Together!

Book a Discovery Call Here to See if We’re a Fit

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Official Bio

Dr. Kristen Graham graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Biological Sciences. She then continued on to dental school and graduated from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in 2013. In pursuit of biologic dentistry, she became a Board Certified Naturopath (BCNP) in 2017 by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board with training from the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry, and additional certifications in Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine (IBDM).  She recently graduated from AFMCP (Advanced Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice) at the Institute for Functional Medicine in 2018. Dr. Kristen works with clients one-on-one in her online practice addressing each client as the individual they are. She focuses on systemic, oral, physical, and emotional well-being with a functional, biologic and spiritual approach. Dr. Kristen resides in Maryland with her husband and two rhodesian ridgebacks.

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